Just started the International MBA in English as it is what I use in business.
So my first impressions are:
/ Simple to use web page for the online campus with the content in PDF which you can download easily for offline study.
/ Content seems to be very complete and extensive.
/ The replies I am getting for my questions are quick, at least with regards to the administrative side.
/ The quizzes are not simple and they will make you look up the content once again and even do further research online. Real understanding is needed which I see as positive for me at the stage I am at.
/ The reference material for each chapter is helping to understand further the content.
/ Just for chapter 1, which I have 60% completed, at least 1O tools have been referred to as part of Business Strategy. Great knowledge transfer.
/ The language used is at times very technical even confusing and you will need to break it down at times to understand the meaning.
/ Some inconsistencies I have noticed from the table of content and the content within the modules.
/ For visual learners like myself more content of this type would be even better within the modules.

I still need to complete my first final project for a chapter/section 1 and have not needed to contact the SME´S or Tutors so far, therefor I cannot give feedback on this.

Overall, happy with my choice and excited to be with ENEB.
Have an amazing day!